Occlusal adjustment

Occlusal adjustment


    The function of teeth is chewing. Due to the dietary changes in modern society, foods are becoming softer and from a young age we do not exercise/stimulate our stomatognathic system as needed, so this leads to poor development of the maxilla and jaw as it should. Hence, more and more orthodontic treatments are necessary due to lack of space or because teeth, such as wisdom teeth, cannot erupt. Chewing should also be bilateral and alternate since if we only chew on one side it can lead us to suffer problems such as headaches, muscle contractures, neck pain,...

Another very important function for good craniofacial development is nasal breathing. Since we are born we breathe through the nose but due to different factors we increasingly find ourselves in many cases of people who become mouth breathers, which causes alterations throughout the body since the air that should enter through the nose enters through the mouth. Although children no longer breathe through the nose, this means that the upper jaw cannot develop as would be expected.

The focus of RNO is PREVENTION, hence the importance of visiting the dentist from when the little ones already have their baby teeth (temporary teeth) or even before to ensure correct breastfeeding, and correct swallowing and nasal breathing.


The way the teeth fit together is inherited. An occlusion that is not balanced can lead us to have limitations in jaw movements, to chew only on one side, and to have periodontal problems in specific teeth. There may be premature contacts at that point or points where some teeth touch too much or lead to closing in 2 different ways.