We are specialists in the treatment of periodontal and peri-implant disease, which is an infection due to the accumulation of bacteria in the dental surfaces that gradually produce the destruction of the tooth support tissues.

Symptoms are bleeding gums, dental mobility, poor taste or bad breath, sensitivity, longer and bare teeth, interdental black spaces, and sometimes pain and suppuration.

The treatment we offer to our patients is based on gingival disinfection, removal of bacteria with root scraping, oral hygiene control, microbiological study and, if necessary, periodontal surgery.

During the first visit, the periodontist (dentist specializing in gingival tissues) will conduct a careful study using a periodontal probe and a dental radiological study tooth by tooth. The aim of this study is to know the state of periodontal disease and to be used as a reference point for its subsequent follow-ups.

As a specialist clinic, we have the newest technology in the field or periodontics: the Florida digital probe, digital radiographies, 3D imaging, and microbiological studies, as well as very specific instruments for the treatment of this disease.Periodontology

Since 1992 Dra. Estany has treated many patients’ gingival problems, restoring their good function, chewing and keeping their teeth.