Intraoral Scanner Itero®

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  The Itero® Intraoral Scanner captures digital impressions of the mouth, oral and bite structures. It allows us to obtain very accurate digital 3D models of these structures which we can keep in a STL format.  Then, we export the STL file to the dental technician’s software (for example ExoCAD) in order to fully use the CAD-CAM technology: Computer-Aided- Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing of the corresponding prosthesis.

Scanner intraoral Itero


This digital model is also used for the design, together with the 3D radiographs, of ​​the surgical guides in implantology, the study of the invisible orthodontic aligners (Invisalign®) or the aesthetic analysis and design of the smile. If the dentist or the technician need physical models, they can also be printed on a 3D printer.


In addition to the increase of the accuracy and adjustment of the crowns, prosthesis or mouthguards, the use of this new technique avoids the uncomfortable conventional impressions with silicones and alginates.