Oral surgery and implants


COEC 8293

Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry. Universitat de Barcelona

Masters Degree in Oral Surgery and Dental  Implants at Universitat de Barcelona

PHD in Medicine and Translational Research at Universitat de Barcelona School of Medicine

Speaker at national and international conferences on Oral Surgery and Implantology

Reviewer of various journals with an impact factor in the field of Dentistry

Associate Professor of Oral Surgery and Dental Anesthesia at the Universitat de Barcelona

Coordinator of the Masters of Oral Surgery and Implantology course at EFHRE International University.

Professor teaching the Masters of Oral Surgery and Orofacial Implantology course at the Universitat de Barcelona

Member of the Spanish Society of Oral Surgery (SECIB), Member of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO)

Member of the Dentists and Stomatologists College of Catalonia (COEC)

Award for the best scientific article in a foreign journal. (SECIB)

Award for the best article published in the Med Oral Patolo Oral Cir Bucal magazine. (SECIB)

Publication of various articles related to Implantology and Oral Surgery

Continuous training in Implantology courses, bone regeneration


Private practice in Implantology and Oral Surgery exclusively